Why Traveling?

Traveling means spreading your wings and flying away.

Traveling means leaving your worries and problems at the airport.

Traveling means having a dream.

Traveling means living the moment.

Traveling mean fun, friends and amazing people.

Traveling means history, cultures, cuisine.

Traveling means learning, growing and  most of all getting to know yourself.

That is why I travel. That is why I spread the travel love ❤

Ioana in a glance…

Super Powers: An endless source of enthusiasm and curioisty for learning, discovering and exploring.

Best Destination I visited: Bali (September 2016 – one month)

Highest destination: 5416m Thorog La Pass, Nepal (April 2016)

Travel highlights:

  • Elefant Safari, Sri Lanka (September 2015)
  • Local food cooking class,  Sri Lanka (September 2015)
  • Swimming with turles, Gili Islands, Bali, Indonesia (September 2016)
  • Night hike and sunrise on the vlucano 3142m Mt. Agung, Bali, Indonesia (September 2016)

Wish List: Belize, Myanmar, Peru, New Zeeland, Costa Rica.

Bucket List:

  • see Aurora Borealis/ Australis
  • climb Kilimajaro
  • Go on a desert expedition
  • visit most of independent states in Europe: 32 visited / 51 total

 All countries I traveled to: 38

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World map with countries I visted until May 2017